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The Grasshopper 2.0

Dimunitive in size, not performance. With its smaller footprint, the Grasshopper 2.0 brings effective correction to smaller areas.

From $199

How does the Grasshopper 2.0 compare?

What's a DA Polisher


Dual Action Random Orbital Polishers (DAROP). Afraid of damaging your paint in the process of correction? Look no further. We have the perfect tool at a third the cost of the industry leading unit.


Well you know those cheaper rotary polishers you can buy? They are extremely useful at correcting paint. In fact, they correct paint really quickly, too quickly. Think of it as a scalpel. Highly effective but also dangerous in the wrong hands. They can correct so quickly that they can literally take the paint off your car.

How about the el cheapo hand buffers? Well they're about as effective as using a cat to mow a lawn. The flipside of the rotary polisher, these hand buffers do not have enough grunt to correct paint.


DA RO Polishers rotate through the momentum created by the high speed orbital motion. As there is no direct link between the rotations and orbit, this makes dual action random orbital polishers the safest tools to use for beginners but also enables effective paint correction.

Why is throw important?

Think of throw as the reach of the orbital polisher. The larger the reach, the more surface area it corrects in one swift motion. This not only reduces your polishing time significantly but it also enables your product to be spread across a larger area resulting in less caking of your product on the pad.

Slinging occurs when product gets spun of the surface of the pad onto the car/environment as a result of the over-saturation of the pad. As a result of this larger surface area, we are able to reduce the amount of slinging that occurs.

The illustration below shows the total magnitude of the throw calculated off the centre of the polisher backing plate by adding the displacement from both opposite sides of the pivot point to give you the total throw (ie: 8mm; 15mm ; 21mm).

The right pad for the job

We have 4 main type of pads:

The red finishing pad (available in 3", 6" and 7") - This pad is perfect for applying sealants or bringing out that final 5% of pop coupled with a solid jeweller's polish.

The orange polishing pad (available in 3", 6" and 7") - This pad as its name suggests is for polishing paint and removing those pesky spider webs and light swirl marks. Coupled with the Scholl Concepts S20+ or Menzerna Super Finishing, this polish pad is less aggressive than the green cutting pad and perfect for beginners to get some practice with correcting.

The green cutting pad (available in 3", 6" and 7") - This pad is extremely popular with professional detailers due to its ability to efficiently and effectively correct paint and those deeper scratches. When used with the Scholl Concepts S3 or Menzerna FG400, significant correction is achieved in minimal time.

The microfibre pad (available in 5.5" and 6.5") - The microfibre pad is perfect for both cutting and polishing. Depending on the product paired to it, the microfibre pads can cut even quicker than the green cutting pads but the downside is the heat built up. In saying that, it is highly effective at producing swirl-free correction in a single step. Our microfibre pads are interfaced with our German finishing pad to give it more contour around panels and cushioning on the paint panel. Do ensure that you allow some time for the pads to cool off before working on the next panel or for continuous multi-passes.

*To clarify, the 5.5" and 6" are perfect for our 5" backing plates while the 6.5" and 7" pads suit the 6" backing plate. The reason for this is that all our pads taper outward, providing added protection and buffer.

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