The DA Polisher Bundle - Sensei 21mm + Grasshopper 9mm + 9 x German Foam Pads

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The complete detailer's kit which combines our top of the range Sensei 21mm DA Polisher together with the best in market German Foam Pads (6’ Cutting 6’ Polishing 6’ Finishing) together with The Grasshopper DA polisher with a 3' backing plate and 3 x 3' German Foam Pads (Cutting/Polishing/Finishing) for more precise paint correction and harder to reach areas.

The Sensei

With the most powerful motor at 1000W, improved counterweight balance for reduced vibration and higher oscillations per minute, the Sensei polisher has been designed from the ground up with the professional detailer in mind.

Improving on the already impressive Miyagi, we have sought to improve the ergonomics of the polisher by further improving vibration levels to minimise detailer fatigue with prolonged use. Increased power and higher OPMs enable you to quickly and safely achieve desired levels of paint correction within a shorter time frame.

Seeing is believing. The Sensei is ready to revolutionise the detailing industry by bringing unparalleled levels of quality at unbeatable value.

Remember, if its not good enough to be used on our cars, its not good enough to be used on yours.


  • Rapid paint levelling
  • Effective paint correction and sealant application
  • Professional detailing


  • Variable Speed Control Module
  • Soft Start Functionality
  • Ergonomically Designed for both LH / RH use
  • 21mm throw (orbit)
  • Interchangeable backing plate for versatility
  • Detachable handle
  • ON/OFF Switch Lock
  • 4 meter power lead for added convenience
  • Extra powerful & reliable 1000W motor and bearings for heavy duty use
  • CE Certified
  • Minimal vibration and enhanced stability to enable prolonged use with minimal fatigue.


  • Power - 1000 Watt, 50Hz
  • 240V Electrical Connection
  • 5 Amps Current Draw
  • Weight 2.7kg
  • 1800-4800 O.P.M. (Oscillations Per Minute)


  • The Sensei 21mm DARO Polisher
  • 5"Backing Plate
  • 6" German Foam Finishing Pad
  • 6" German Foam Polishing Pad
  • 6" German Foam Cutting Pad
  • 6"Backing Plate
  • 7" German Foam Finishing Pad
  • 7" German Foam Polishing Pad
  • 7" German Foam Cutting Pad
  • Allen Key & Spare Motor Brushes
  • Handle attachment (can be mounted on either sides of the DA polisher)
  • Instruction manual (English)
  • Manufacturers Warranty (12 months)

**Please note that we recommend 6" pads to be used with the 5" backing plate and 7" pads be used with the 6" backing plate**

The Grasshopper

Don’t be fooled by the Grasshopper’s diminutive size. This little polisher is a true workhorse and is absolutely made for paint correction and killing swirls.

The Grasshopper completes our range of Dual Action Random Orbital polishers and is an absolutely essential bit of kit for any detailer.

With its tight 9mm orbit and 3” backing pad, the Grasshopper gets into the tight areas where the larger dual action polishers simply cannot get to. Think door jams, sills, tricky lips and lids.

Paired with unparalleled levels of balance and handling, the Grasshopper is made with comfort and ergonomics in mind.

Each Grasshopper premium pack comes with a 3” backing plate and one of each of our German foam 3” cutting (yellow), polishing (orange) and finishing (red) pads.


  • Compact & precise 9mm throw to get you through tight spots such as door trims; side mirrors and curved edges
  • 780 Watts of power for paint correction, polishing and waxing applications
  • 1500 - 5500 O.P.M.
  • 6 levels of speed with trigger lock
  • Easy to use, great for beginners and experts alike
  • Quality tested & CE certified


  • Grasshopper Random Orbital Polisher 9mm
  • 3" backing plate
  • 3" German Foam Cutting Polishing Finishing Pad
  • Instruction manual
  • Manufacturers Warranty (12 months)