Snow Foam Lance

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Rich, luxurious, lathery and simply amazing. Think a spa treatment, for your car.

Our snow foam lance generates so much foam that you'll be thinking your ride's been coated with delicious pavlova (just don't eat it).

The snow foam clings to the dirt on your car and lets gravity do the work for you. As you let it sit for a couple of minutes, heavy dirt and grime is drawn away from the surface of the car resulting in you having to scrub less. Remember detailing 101? Less contact = Less scratches. The rich lubrication formed on the surface acts to further mitigate potential love marks as you clean your pride and joy. 

We mean business and we are hell bent on providing you detailers with the best quality products at the lowest prices. Do not pay more for inferior quality products. Our snow foam lance produces the highest quality foam partnered with a market leading low price.

We carry adapters to suit most major pressure wash brands on the market.