Scholl Concepts ShamPol 4-in-1 Car Shampoo - 500ml

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ShamPol by Scholl is a revolutionary 4 in 1 washing solution that is capable of cleaning, self rinsing and then sheeting until it's dry, and leave a layer of protection on the paintwork. 


The 4 in 1 action of ShamPol is made possible by advanced polymer technologies that loosen and clean dirt from the surface.

Best results are achieved when combined with a clean Ultra Plush Wash Mitt and apply a thin layer of Shampol directly onto it making sure you work a panel at a time and rinse the mitt in a dedicated bucket with a grit guard and reapply before starting a new panel. 


  • 4 in 1 actions 
  • Clean safely 
  • Self Rinsing 
  • Leaves temporary protection layer