Scholl Concepts S3 - Gold XXL Cutting Compound - 500ml

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Scholl S3 Gold is a fantastic, and versatile cutting compound that is great for removing moderate-heavy defects, whilst finishing down to a nice gloss with minimal haze.

Scholl S3 XXL is an aggressive cut compound for cured paints that offers quick removal of heavy defects such as oxidation, swirl marks, bird etchings and deep scratches, all while being able to finish down to a high gloss. 

With a long working time and low dusting formula, S3 is a perfect match for intensive paint corrections for both the professional detailer, hobbyist or panel industry professional. 


  • Long working time
  • No dusting formula 
  • Ability to level 1500 grit sanding marks 
  • Finishes to a high gloss 
  • Ideal for heavy swirl mark removal 
  • Bodyshop safe