Paint Preparation Kit

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This paint preparation kit consists of all you need between wash and correction to get your paint ready for absolute top results for a longer lasting and clearer finish. 3 clays will be used together with Carpro Immolube to remove dirt, grime and industrial fallout.

Once that is complete, your paint will be ready for correction. Use Carpro Eraser and buff off before sealing.

CarPro Eraser is the perfect prep spray for any wax, coating or sealant. It removes residual oils from the paintwork, readying the surface for optimal results.


CarPro Eraser was initially developed as a pre-cleaner to remove all the oils from the paintwork to prepare the surface for Cquartz coatings. Regular IPA's have been known to have a high evaporation rate, which only lifts oils to the surface without efficiently remover them.

CarPro Eraser not only lifts oils and other impurities to the surface, but safely removes & dissolves them from the paintwork. Eraser also contains a blend of lubricants to avoid marring on soft paints. It also leaves a static free dust repellent on the surface.

Eraser is the perfect prep spray for any surface for general cleaning, or to ensure your wax, coating or sealant works optimally.

Use as final wipe down before applying waxes, coatings or sealants
Safe to use on all exterior surfaces

CarPro ImmoLube is a new innovative lubricant that offers a non-stick formula for ease of use. This new solution will reduce chances of marring on the paint and can be utilised as a clay or sanding lubricant. 


ImmoLube is a new lubrication solution that has been infused with a special mixture of solvents and surfacts that are designeCleaCleanersnersd to reduce surface friction whilst sanding, polishing or claying automotive surfaces. The non-stick formula offers enough viscosity to reduce marring and any chance of damaging the paint. ImmoLube also contains no gloss enhancers, or protective polymers and is easy to remove with a wash or simply an Eraser wipe down. 


  • Non-stick formula for ease of use
  • Reduces chance of marring on automotive surfaces 
  • New innovative technology that provides simple and easy, quality lubrication 


  • Dilute to suit purpose and tool
  • Shake Well
  • Spray over the sanding disc, or clay bar and over the work area
  • Begin sanding or claying, keep surface lubricated
  • Wipe off once complete or wash as needed

Three (3) Clays

An innovative Clay Bar kit that has 3 different grades of clay which allows you to safely remove contamination from your car no matter how fine, or severe. 

1 x Grey Ultra Fine Clay 100gr bar (for use on brand new cars) 
1 x Green Fine Grade Clay 100gr bar (for use on cars with 15k on clock) 
1 x Yellow Medium Grade Clay 100gr bar (for use on cars 15k + on clock)


The CarPro 3 clays are an elastic clay that is easy to use and re-mold. When used in conjunction with a lubricant such as CarPro Immolube, you can expect a safe and thorough decontamination process that deep cleans the pores of paint that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye and are not cleaned by regular washing alone. 

This is perhaps your most important step in your procedure as it provides the clean base required for your protectant to adhere to.

3Clays gives you the flexibility to handle multiple decontamination levels for different cars or areas in the same product. 

This provides a comprehensive single step decontamination and saves you money and time.