Apex Customs X Gyeon Q2R - Marine Paint Correction, Protection and Maintenance

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The bundle crafted for newly minted marinecraft owners or owners who want to give that new lease of life for their pride and joy. We have picked the very best products from the Gyeon Q2R Marine range and combined them with the famed Apex Customs polishers for unbeatable value.


Apex Customs Sensei 21mm Polisher: Our gamechanging Dual Action Random Orbital 21mm polisher. Perfectly balanced with minimal vibration, the Sensei is engineered for prolonged use and comfort. With a 21mm throw, maximise results while minimising effort!

German Foam pads: 3 x 6" of our German Foam Pads of varied density (cutting, polishing and finishing), these pads will be able to tackle anything in its path.

Q2R Marine WashWash your yacht, jet ski or regatta boat safely and effectively. Q²R Wash cleans and removes dirt and residue as well as light organic contamination. Possible use on all exterior surfaces, including wood.

Q2R Marine Polish Step 1: Makes quick work of any and all surface imperfections that tend to collect on your boat’s surfaces. The high-quality Japanese abrasives used in the formula of Marine Polish Step 1 allows it to easily cut through even the most severe oxidation and defects that plague your boat’s gelcoat! Because  Marine Polish Step 1 doesn’t use any silicone or fillers, the results you see when you buff it off are true results that won’t just fade as the fillers do. Marine Polish Step 1 is also designed to finish off to a much higher gloss than you would expect from such an aggressively abrasive polish!

Q2R Marine Polish Step 2: This will correct moderate to light defects and polish out to a glossy and perfect finish. Marine Polish Step 2 is a great product to use either after your primary correction step or as a one-step gloss refresher! The lack of fillers in Marine Polish Step 2’s formula means that you can trust that the results you see are there for the long-haul! The low dust generation of Marine Polish Step 2 will make clean-up and buffing off a breeze!

Q2R Degrease: Designed to remove polishing oil and rests of former protection in order to create a smooth and clean surface, ready to receive a new protection such our Q2R GelCoat for boats & marinecraft.

Q2R GelCoat: The ultimate protective ceramic coat for gelcoat and yacht paint. Protects against UV-rays and oxidation. Repels dirt and minimizes stains. Highly water mark resistant. Easy to use 1 layer formula.

Valued at over $750!