Gyeon Q2 Antifog - 120mL

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Gyeon Quartz AntiFog is a revolutionary new product to prevent your windows from fogging and misting up. A major problem in winter is the clarity of the interior of your car windows because of the dampness in the air and changes in temperature.

This clever new coating is easy-to-apply and really works for 2+ months, not a week or two like others. Perfect for the winter months to combat that glass mist and makes driving a lot safer.

With a large car only using an average of 20ml, this bottle goes a long way to providing fogless windscreens. Gyeon AntiFog means no more waiting for windows to clear or having to drive with the heater on full to clear them – and comes with applicators that make the job easy.



Ensure your glass is clean and dry. We recommend cleaning prior with a good quality glass cleaner and then even using Gyeon Quartz Prep before to make sure the glass is free from all oils, residues and finger marks.

Shake the Gyeon AntiFog well and spray a small amount onto the applicator provided, apply to the glass in a flowing motion ensuring you coat all the area evenly. Allow to dry for a couple of minutes and wipe off with a good quality clean microfibre cloth.