Gyeon Complete Ceramic Coat Kit

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This Complete Kit includes MOHS 30ml + Cure 100ml + Suede Clothes and Foam applicator); Quartz Trim 30ml; Q2M Bathe 400ml and Q2M Prep 500ml.

GYEON quartz Q2 MOHS is one of the hardest automotive paint coatings or protections on the market. Based on patented Japanese technology, adding great gloss and boasting a good self-cleaning ability, this coating can protect your car’s paint for well over a year.

This new Gyeon paint protection coating is designed to offer improved scratch resistant, especially useful for softer Asian automotive paint coatings. It can even add extra hardness to the European ones – on average MOHS will add a further 3-4H to the hardness (9H coating) This means annoying swirls and spider webbing should not occur anywhere near as much, although careful washing is still necessary.

Gyeon MOHS also offers a contact angle of well over 95 degrees, meaning water beads/sheets off very easily so the paint is less susceptible to water marks. It has a great self-cleaning ability even after rain, which makes washing a breeze as dirt is released from the paint much more easily.

With excellent durability, tests show that over 80% of the super hydrophobic effect still remained after 12 months. Gyeon paint protection provides optimum car protection for the person who is looking for that long-term option.

Q2 MOHS Coating from Gyeon will leave your paintwork protected and with an incredible deep, glass-like finish that is easily maintained to leave your car looking like new. This kit even comes with Gyeon Cure, which is ideally used after a regular wash to add even more gloss and ongoing protection for your car.

This Gyeon Paint Protection Kit contains:

1x MOHS 30ml, 1x Cure 100ml, applicator set and instruction manual.

NOTE: Once the bottle is opened, the curing process begins. Do not leave dropper attached to bottle - use screw cap as provided, and be sure to use coating within a 6-8 weeks of opening and store in a cool area away from heat or humidity.

Gyeon Quartz Q2 Trim Coating is a highly advanced quartz coating specifically made to revive and protect exterior trim and plastics on your car. Exterior plastics can fade quickly in Australia with the high levels of harmful UV radiation, and be discoloured (even ‘bleached’) by powerful chemicals used by some car washes and acid rain.

Because Trim is a highly advanced coating it can last for over 12 months or over 15,000kms – compare that with your average trim dressing of just a week or two!

Gyeon Trim can bring mildly faded plastic and trim back to life, especially when thoroughly cleaned prior and this SiO2 coating can penetrate into the pores of the plastics. The incredibly strong bond that is then created also provides a hydrophobic effect (like on paint) where water simply bounces off. This makes the trim and plastics easier to clean and gives you a nice water beading effects to repel dirt and grime that used to get embedded in them.

Gyeon Trim can be applied to all porous exterior plastics and trim including grills, trim, surrounds, bumpers and even headlights to provide ongoing UV protection for these sensitive parts. It leaves a deeper darker finish which is Matt/Satin and does impart a false gloss finish, so can be used on all types of plastics.

It is recommended that you use Gyeon Prep Surface Cleaner/CarPro Eraser or similar before application of Gyeon Trim. Failure to do so could affect your Trim’s finish.

GYEON Q2M Bathe is a pH-neutral, highly concentrated car wash shampoo, designed to remove road grime, dirt, debris and other contaminants on all types of paintwork including most matte finishes.

Q2M Bath contains an ultra-slippery high-foaming action formula with no heavy glossing, wax or polymer agents which makes this pH Neutral wash extremely safe to use on all surfaces including matte finishes, paint protection and Gyeon Quartz Coatings without removing or harming the finish.

Gyeon Quartz Prep is a must have Surface Cleaner that prepares paint, wheels and glass perfectly before applying a protective product. Before you seal, wax or coat your paint it is important that it is squeaky clean and free from contamination, old waxes and polishes to allow the correct bonding and provide the durability or protection stated.

Designed to dissolve old waxes and polishes Gyeon Prep is not simply a degreaser, it lifts oils and residue that can also be left behind after polishing to prepare the paint surface perfectly for the protection stage. The other key benefit of Gyeon Prep is that it creates an anti-static surface, which is very beneficial when you are applying coatings and protection to your car.