CarPro ImmoLube (Clay Bar Lubricant) - 500ml/1L

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CarPro ImmoLube is a new innovative lubricant that offers a non-stick formula for ease of use. This new solution will reduce chances of marring on the paint and can be utilised as a clay or sanding lubricant. 


ImmoLube is a new lubrication solution that has been infused with a special mixture of solvents and surfacts that are designeCleaCleanersnersd to reduce surface friction whilst sanding, polishing or claying automotive surfaces. The non-stick formula offers enough viscosity to reduce marring and any chance of damaging the paint. ImmoLube also contains no gloss enhancers, or protective polymers and is easy to remove with a wash or simply an Eraser wipe down. 


  • Non-stick formula for ease of use
  • Reduces chance of marring on automotive surfaces 
  • New innovative technology that provides simple and easy, quality lubrication 


  • Dilute to suit purpose and tool
  • Shake Well
  • Spray over the sanding disc, or clay bar and over the work area
  • Begin sanding or claying, keep surface lubricated
  • Wipe off once complete or wash as needed