Scholl Concepts S40 Anti-Swirl Finishing Compound

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S40 anti hologram polish is the finest abrasive in the Scholl polishing lineup. Designed to remove holograms from surfaces that have been freshly polished with a rotary machine. S40 will leave the ultimate deep gloss on dark paint colours when used as a final step.

S40 is commonly referred to as a "jewelling" polish because it's a step beyond a "final polish" such as S30+ and can achieve even higher levels of gloss on the softest of pads available.

S40 is also useful on very soft paint finishes that will not produce haze free results when machine polishing. When used on the Apex Customs German Foam Red finishing pad you can expect the maximum performance Scholl intended for this product. 


  • Anti Hologram 
  • Removes fine haze 
  • Ultimate depth of shine on dark colours 
  • Can be used as a jewelling polish 

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