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CarPro Fixer Nano Polish Compound - 250ml/500ml

CarPro Fixer Nano Polish Compound - 250ml/500ml

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CarPro Fixer is a one step compound that has been specifically designed to provide fast defect removal in a shorter time frame, with an easy wipe off. It can be used on both cured or freshly painted surfaces - and on any type of paint type (soft, medium, hard or single stage systems).

Fixer provides an intermediate level of defect removal, being able to rid the paintwork of light scratches, swirls, holograms, haze and marring. The tiny micro diminishing abrasives that have been imbued in the solution allows Fixer to deliver a great level of cut, whilst delivering a high gloss finish.

Can be used on a variety of different pads, including open/closed cell foam, microfiber and wool.

No fillers. 100% body shop safe, with no silicone, waxes or polymers.
Can be used by machine or by hand
Capable of removing 1500 grit marks
Reduces work time by up to 40%
Economical, one step polishing solution
Very versatile, and usable on all paint types

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